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Wedding Gowns



                                  Over the years, we have carefully altered hundreds of wedding gowns. We can perform most types of alterations
                                 on your dress including, but not limited to hems, taking in or letting out, shortening straps, and bustling. We also steam
                          gowns for an additional charge. Appointments are not necessary, but it is recommended to call ahead. When you bring
                         your gown in, you should also bring your shoes, slip, and any special undergarments that you plan on wearing. Rush jobs
                       are available, but we suggest that you bring in your wedding dress a few months before the wedding date. This is especially
                      important if multiple fittings are necessary. Price estimates are available at the time of your fitting.

Formal Gowns       

Aneita’s Alterations provides alterations on all types of formal dresses. We can accommodate all of your wedding party, including bridesmaid dresses, mother’s dresses, and flower girl dresses. We also alter prom dresses or any other type of formal gowns. Like wedding dresses, we recommend that you bring in any formal gowns at least three weeks before you need to wear them in case we may need to have more than one fitting. This is especially important during the months of April and May, which is our busiest time. Rush jobs are available, but the sooner you can get your dress in, the better. It is recommended that you bring in the shoes and the undergarments that you will wear with the dress to ensure a proper fit.

No appointment is necessary, but calling ahead is suggested. Price estimates are given when you bring in your gown. Steaming is also available for an extra charge.

Men, Women, and Children's Clothing

At Aneita’s, we perform all types of alterations on all types of clothing. You can bring in anything from business suits to sweat pants. We can taper garments in or let them out, if there is room in the seams. We hem or cuff slacks, and shorten or lengthen sleeves. We also put in new zippers and mend holes.  Our staff has been professionally altering clothes for many years, and will handle your garments with a professional attitude and an experienced eye. All invisible hems are put in by hand and not by a blindstitch machine.  

Our normal turn-around time for regular clothing varies from seven to ten days.
During our busy seasons, some alterations may take up to two weeks. Rush jobs are available
with an extra 30% rush fee. Some special jobs, such as relining a coat or slacks, take longer. Our prices are competitive
         and estimates can be given in person or over the phone for basic items. We also require that all garments must be clean prior
             to alterations. It is also recommended with all clothing that need the length altered, to bring in the shoes that you will be wearing
with that particular garment.


We install zippers in all types of coats, including leather. If your zipper does not work, there may be two options. Most of the
 time the zipper itself is damaged and will need to be replaced. Occasionally, the zipper is in tact and the problem is the zipper pull.
If this is the case, we can usually replace the pull for a lesser charge. Aneita’s mends tears in leather coats, or replaces knit cuffs.
We also sew patches onto letter jackets.


        Don’t throw away that pair of jeans yet, because we can mend them.We can also use bright colors or handkerchiefs to make the patches fashionable.When hemming jeans,we have a variety of colors of "jean thread," a thicker thread that matches the stitching already in your pants, to give your hem a more professional look. We can also reattach the original hem, a "tricky hem," for an additional charge.


We sew nametapes, rank, stripes, and other patches on all military uniforms. We have experience with most branches of the
 military, and are familiar with most types of patches. There are some that we are not familiar with, so we may request special
 instructions on unusual patches.